What is blogging? The first thing we need to know before starting a blog is that what is basically blogger and blogging?And the answer is, Asimple a way to express your ideas and thoughts and whatever you know on internet in the form of articles via a blog ( Website ) is called blogging and the plateform  which are usually used for this purpose are blogger.com , WordPress ,Tumblr and many others. 

So, for blogging the question is which plateform we should use?WordPress or Blogger?This debate can be pretty confusing because many people like Blogger ( Blodspot ) because there are some technical issues , and many users love WordPress because of a lot of functionality.When someone asked me which plateform he should start with , here is my answer: 

If you dont have enough money or you are a studrent then Start with Blogger earn some money and then migrate to WordPress.

And if you  can invest a little bit then you should start a new blog on self hosted wordpress.

I say this with my personal experience because I started on Blogspot , earned some money and then moved to WordPress.But I still use blogger for my first ever blog.Before few time there were a lot of difficulties while learning WordPress but now there are a lot of tutorials available on internet.

Anyway in this article I shall share a quick comparison of wordpress vs blogger and I shall explain which one is better for which purpose and why.

WordPress or blogspot which blogging platform to choose why and why not blogger?

  1. Blogger is best platform when you just want to share your thoughts or you want to earn some money without any cost  it does not required any technical know how so blogspot is really good. 
  2. But there are some limitations in blogspot in terms of SEO and content management if you want to just start a blog without any cost then blogspot is best.

At the same time if you want to earn a lot of money by blogging ,branding yourself or you want to build a business website then blogspot is not a good idea because you have limited control over features, SEO and in the search engine visibility and whenever you want to add new features then you can’t do it in blogger easily or it is impossible to add them.

I have read this  many times that:
Blogger is best because it is a product of Google and it has great SEO but I think it it only depends upon how you configure your website to show its visibility on Google.Whatever plateform you use either its wordpress or blogspot which is also known as blogger  then your SEO all depends upon your configuration of website.

In the blogger platform we have limited control over website despite the fact that blogger has added many SEO functionalities but still blogspot  lack SEO optimisation which is necessary in this era.

The blogger platform is better when  for no other reason than you only want to write if you are satisfied with the Limited feature of blogspot then this is a great choice and for creating a long term project wordpress is best.

Note:  WordPress comes in two different forms which are wordpress.com and wordpress.org. We are going to discuss about self hosted WordPress which is also named as wordpress.org.

Why and why not WordPress?

Note onlinetutore.com uses blogspot for its blogging purpose but it does not mean that I shall  be on blogspot side only.

WordPress gives you complete control over your website you can do everything you want technically  by using plugins themes demos using HTML PHP.

We can store and host our files by ourselves it means we can customise everything as our need and we can use it for personal as well as business purposes.

You can get complete control over SEO for your wordpress website for example you can use SEO plugins and can introduce latest SEO techniques. For example star rating which is currently latest SEO technique by using  login named as rich snippets or using Yoast SEO.

WordPress let you do everything you want. But at the same time you need to manage and control your blog on your server.It may sound difficult but it is not so you can get help from a large community of WordPress.

Getting starting with wordpress is a little bit difficult in terms of installing WordPress,installing plugins to know about dashboard of WordPress but you don’t have to worry because government of Pakistan has started online courses for different categories in which wordpress is also included you can sign up for new courses on digiskills.pk

If you are planning to create a blog with the mindset of creating money  from it you should go to the self hosted WordPress if you are occasional writer   blogging is your hobby  then blogspot  is best for you here is a hand by chart from house Joy full explain the features between blogspot versus wordpress.com vs self hosted WordPress.

Matt Cutts on blogger or wordpress for SEO.

He is not only a Google engineer is also the head of Google web spam team he is one of those guys to educate normal users like you and me for using websites how to make their SEO and other things.In his recent videos he asked a question which is better in terms of SEO wordpress or blogger mat answer the query with this video.

Interestingly he uses the WordPress for his personal blog although he mentioned that blogger is good for new users because it is very simple to use and manage without any technical or language knowledge or other things.

With regards to  advantages with blogger and wordpress both are about the same with the default installation but the thing matters you are content and you are visibility in the Google for your SEO.

The wordpress default installation is not SEO friendly but you can make it SEO friendly with the help of plugins and which make it more and more SEO friendly which is the best thing about WordPress

In short wordpress gives you more powers far and you can customise it according to your needs on the other hand blogspot give you Limited functionality but it is easy to use and manage and it is also free if you want to earn money then you can do it on blogger as well as wordpress so you don’t need to worry. If you don’t have money you can earn it using blogger,this  is not true that you can’t earn by blogger I am also earning money from blogger.

The verdict

The blogger platform is good when you are looking for a simple blog.

The wordpress platform is best when you are going to create a professional blog or a business website or you your portfolio or branding yourself.

It is important to figure out on what topic you are going to start a blog That depends on you blogger has many limitations that wordpress does not have in terms of functionality there is no question that wordpress is far superior.

If you are convinced from my this article to move your blogger to wordpress then you can read my articles on how to migrate from blogger to WordPress

Do let me now what’s your verdict on wordpress vs blogger which platform do you prefer and why?




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