WhatsApp is notorious for compressing its images, it makes images as captured from generation old camera.I exaggerate only slightly.

Luckily there is a little trick to send pictures via WhatsApp without compresion and without having to download any third party app or stressing yourself.

There is a simple mechanism for both iOS as well as andriod.I shall explain about both of them here.You only have to send pictures as documents thats the small trick.So let’s start our step by step guide about How to send pictures on WhatsApp without compresion.

Method For Android:

Step 1: 
Open the whatsapp chat, whom you want to send picture without compresion.

Step 2:
Click the Files icon

Step 3:
Now click *Documents”

Step 4:
Click * Browse Other Documents

Step 5: Now Select photo you want to send from your internal as well as external storage.

Method For iOS:


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