Do you want to start your own blog or Website on WordPress with HostGator and you are a beginner then you are at right place, because I am going to show you how to install WordPress on HostGator Cloud and Shared hosting Step by Step with pics. Here I shall share all steps.Hostagtor provides many hosting plans and I personally suggest you to buy HostGator Cloud Hosting ( Personally Using ) baby plan or Shared hosting baby plan with 60% discount when you will buy hosting via our link .

Step by Step Guide to install WordPress on Hostagator:

There are basically two methods to install WordPress on HostGator hosting.

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1. Quick Install

2. Manual Install

Here I shall explain both methods with pics. You only have to follow them for successful Installation of WordPress on HostGator.Now, at first I shall talk about  Installation with quick Install Method.

Step 1:
Log in to Cpanel of your HostGator hosting.Under Services/ Softwares click Quick Install.

Step 2:
Now on the Quick Install page you have to select wordpress.Here you will be offered many themes which are very costly, so I suggest you to skip them and follow steps as I mentioned below.

Step 3:
Now on the next page you have to select domain from drop down menu where you want to install

WordPress.Here you can decide, either you want to install in on root folder or on sub directory.

• Root Directory
• Sub Directory

Step 4:
Now click next configure settings as mentioned below.

Now make sure that you don’t use username as admin because this is a big security risk.I recommend you to use your email as username.
You can see our settings in below screenshot.

Step 5:
Now click Install and next Hostgator will install it for you.Here you will ve offered many promotions but you have to skip them.

Now in a few minutes you will get email with your username, dashboard link and password.

You can access you wordpress dashboard by the following link:   Here replace your own domain before wp-admin.

If you feel any problem, please comment below.I shall try to reply you as early as possible.If you like Article don’t forget to subscribe our mailing list for more latest tricks and tips.



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