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Having blog is a great thing because it allows you to share everything you want.The great thing is that you can earn a lot of money by it.

There are many plateforms for blogging. If you want to earn without any investment then Blogger is best for you. if you can do a little investment then I suggest you to migrate towards WordPress. I have also written article on WordPress vs Blogger Which is Best.

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Steps To Create A blog on Blogger

Step 1:

First of all you have to open a browser.I recommend you to use Google Chrome or Puffin Browser. Now in the search bar type .A new page will open as in below screenshot.

Step 2:
Now you have to click sign in. After it select your Google Account.If you don’t have any then you have to create it first.

Step 3:
A new window will open, here you write profile name.This name will be shown as your author name when you will write a post.You can change it any time.So you can write here your Website name or your own name.

Step 4:
Afte inserting your profile name, a new window will open here you have to click Create New Blog.

Step 5:
fter clicking Create New Blog, You have to enter blog title ( Website Name ) and Blog Address ( Url of your blog ) such as if you choose tips then it will become as You can also buy .com extension for your blog from Note: We also provide Godady Domain in only Rs.400

Step 6:
ongratulations! Your blog is ready. You can start your journey towards blogging and Earning money by your passion.Soon, I shall write about how to earn with blogger.

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